No time to workout because your baby wants to be in Mommy’s arms at all times?…

No child care?… No Time For You?… NO PROBLEM!

Mommy and Baby Fitness Class

Mommy/Baby Fitness Class!

– Coming Soon! –

Becoming a mom is one of the best feelings ever! Recently becoming one myself to happy, healthy and I must say gorgeous twins, Brooklyn and Xander, born May 20, 2016… I know how hard it is to find time for yourself, let alone a workout!

With initial fears and mixed emotions going into pregnancy I had concern for what was going to happen to my body carrying two babies. Was I ever going to find time for myself…? Would I be able to workout again…? Will I ever feel like me again?!?

The answer is, YES!

You can shift your initial fears and create time to workout, all while gaining confidence and embracing your body where it is in this moment.

Now get your own mommy time back and also enjoy workout time!

As a personal trainer I’ve heard many excuses from my moms that they can’t workout because they don’t have time or don’t have childcare. Now, I’ve created a way that you can get a workout in, taking care of yourself… while sharing a bonding experience with your baby!

For over ten years I’ve been a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor through the American Council on Exercise (ACE). I hold a professional certification through UCSD in Fitness Instruction/Exercise Science. A certified AFAA fitness coach and certified to teach… Indoor Cycling, Turbo Kick Boxing, Muscle Sculpting, TRX, PiYo, Gravity, Boot Camp, PiloXing, and SandBell. Every year I attend fitness conventions to stay current with the latest fitness trends. My CPR and AED certifications are up to date.

Come enjoy for yourself this upbeat, positive and motivating
experience with your baby! …


  • Bond with your baby, while getting into shape
  • Feel good in your body
  • Regain your emotional, physical, and mental strength
  • Wear your baby while working out
  • Get your time back
  • Feel confident as a mom and as an individual

I’ve been passionate about health and fitness my whole life. Being raised with a holistic lifestyle I’ve had the opportunity to experience and achieve a balanced life of wellness. Naturally I want to help others like you, during this important time of your mommy life.

All you need is your favorite baby carrier, your baby, and 45 min!

This 6 week series will work your full body with specific core strengthening exercises. Most of the classes will be done “wearing” your baby with the last 10 min of floor work still involving your baby, for extra bonding time and kisses.

Benefits of wearing your baby during this class…

  • Supports breastfeeding
  • Carried babies cry less
  • Bonding

Now’s there’s time for you and your baby…
… It’s Your Time Again!

Mommy/Baby Fitness Class!

Items that you’ll need for this special class with your baby…

  • Baby carrier (Ergo, Baby Bijorn, Moby wrap, ect.)
  • BABY
  • Water
  • Towel
  • Blanket for baby to lay on

As long as you feel safe and comfortable wearing your baby then this class if for you!

Please be sure that you have a DR clearance to resume or begin a workout program. All fitness levels welcome as modifications will be shown. Age minimum 6 weeks- up to a weight where you’re comfortable carrying your baby.

To Be Announced

Now’s there’s time for you and your baby…
… It’s Your Time Again!


Mommy/Baby Fitness Class!

Coming Soon!

^ Mommy/Baby Fitness Class and payment plan arriving soon ^


For more information… Contact me directly here…

Ph. 978-844-2197

* Pre-paid, Pre-Registration required – limited space available.